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Our Belief

Working together, for over three decades, Prime has developed a heartfelt commitment to the philosophy of our founder, Lee Dodson ...

"Do the right thing!" This simple philosophy is built around what we know to be true - Successful projects are achieved through hard work and the commitment of our team members. No matter the delivery method or combination of services chosen by our clients, we build to a Prime standard of having "the best quality and highest performance level".  


The Prime Approach

The Prime Approach is more than an idea – it’s a collaborative process that blends proven methods, experience driven solutions, and dynamic communication throughout every phase of the project lifecycle. "Treating Everyone Right" is a guiding belief behind everything we do – and the reason our clients keep coming back to us with trusted partnerships.

Our Foundation Cornerstones

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Treat Everyone Right

To do things the Right Way, we must treat our employees and their families, our design teams, our clients, and our trade partners with respect and integrity.

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Plan Right

Our plans are developed in close collaboration with our partners and clients; combining experience and market adaptability to deliver Prime results.

Build Right

Quality isn’t an end result. Rather, it is an essential part of each phase of a project. We take great pride in being true builders who care about our projects.


Finish Strong

In the face of challenges and unpredictable circumstances, our Prime teams produced predictably high-quality results on time and within budget.


Prime Results

Safety comes first on all of our projects, and imperative in environments where children are present. We focus on student safety throughout construction and partner with local communities to create long-standing opportunities for learning, growth and development.

We are relentless in our mission to enhance your experience working with Prime and deliver outstanding outcomes that matter to you most. Through our quality & planning strategy, we are committed to constant momentum and improving our project teams’ operations and processes. We leverage digital tools that make sense and seamlessly integrate into our workflow, scheduling, and communicate in a transparent manner to benefit our clients and their projects.  We strive to have a bold culture with high expectations, and we seek to align them with our clients to deliver on our commitments and shared goals.

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