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How We Began 

"Our philosophy is simple ... Do the right thing!"​

Lee Dodson - Founder 


The story of Prime is one of dedication and doing the right things for our clients, partners, and team members. It's a story of creating a family like culture, including a growing family of owners and team members over three decades. It's also a story about how Prime's founder, Lee Dodson, demonstrated a set of core values which continue to radiate today through every aspect of Prime's business: a commitment to honesty, the importance of adding value, and the necessity of personal fulfillment for our team members. These values trace back in unbroken succession to the very beginning of our company.


Shortly after starting Prime, Lee partnered with Brad Bell. Brad went on to become Prime's second owner and led Prime's operations with Lee for decades. In Houston Texas, a positive reputation is something you fight to earn - and it's not easily won. Our team member's longevity, talent, and experience--from field supervisors to senior project management--contribute to Prime's recognition for outstanding service and safety excellence. Lee and Brad's determination and relentless efforts made Prime's reputation synonymous with peak performance and the highest quality of work.

Prime makes a difference in the Lives of our Team Members, Clients, and Communities ... Contact us about your next project.

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