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Partner With Prime

When a project is completed, it’s the end product of a collaborative effort between Prime Contractors and its many partners, including customers, architects, engineers, and trade partners. As partners, we work together to ensure that the owner’s objectives and priorities are fully integrated into the project approach and execution.

For more than three decades, Prime has remained dedicated to building and nurturing strong partner relationships. Our success and the value we provide to our customers would not be possible without the collaboration and support of trade partners like you.

For those interested in partnering with Prime. Please click the link below to download and fill out the Prequalification Form. Follow all instructions and return back to us when complete.


We thank you for your interest!


Safety is where Prime's culture impacts our business the most. We strive to maintain the safest job sites in the industry by building a safety culture into every part of our business.



To do the right things we must be honest with our clients, team members, and trade partners.



We believe in keeping forward momentum throughout all phases of our projects. Planning, flexibility, and quality installations are all keys to being successful.



Prime takes a vested interest in our trade partners. We do better when we succeed together.

Questions about working with Prime?

If you have specific question regarding Prime Contractors or the work, we can accomplish together? Please feel free to reach out to us!


We thank you for your interest!

Thanks for submitting!

Mike Jarrar

"For over 13 years working with Prime Contractors, Prime has distinguished themselves in the construction industry through leadership and integrity."

Michael Arevalo

"We are an HVAC Contractor, doing work with Prime Contractors for over 25 years.  Prime Contractors has always been a great contractor to work with.   They always go out of their way to complete projects on schedule and to give the owner's a project completed as designed and above."

John "Ren" Canton

"As their electrical subcontractor, we have had the pleasure of working with Prime for the past 15 years.  Prime has consistently set themselves apart from others in their industry by being professional and having high standards in project management."

Get Qualified with Prime

Prime welcomes subcontractors, suppliers, and vendors. Please fill out and submit our Subcontractor Qualification Statement. Follow all instructions, attach all requested documents, and submit to us when complete. We thank you for your interest!

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