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Preconstruction + Planning

Successful planning leads to successful project completion. Our approach is simple—we deliver early cost certainty, a multi-disciplined staff, pricing accuracy, and transparent collaboration throughout the entire process.


Pricing Accuracy for Every Project

One of Prime’s unique strengths lies in our strong capability to provide comprehensive preconstruction services and pricing accuracy. Prime’s project experience allows us to offer historical benchmarking that builds confidence (internal) and certainty (external) that our numbers are accurate. The depth of our services, combined with extensive experience, not only affects price, but also results in better planning, finishing on time, the highest quality, and the safest working conditions for staff and visitors.


In-House Experts

Our estimating services are handled 100% in-house by our operational team members. These experts take a proactive approach, which includes early engagement from project managers, superintendents, and additional key trade partners who are instrumental to help plan the work and work the plan. We believe integrating our expertise early in the process can create confidence in our estimate, both internally and externally.

Our ultimate preconstruction and planning goals include:

  • Controlling the budget throughout the process

  • Becoming a trusted member of the project delivery team

  • Partnering as a resource to help guide the design to meet budget

  • Maximizing the client’s budget through intelligent cost-saving options

  • Providing transparency & clarity throughout the process

  • Planning construction execution, including schedule and procurement

  • Doing The Right Things


Continuity = Project Success

Prime provides leadership and collaboration for all preconstruction and planning activities. What’s unique about our preconstruction team is that its job doesn’t end there. The team’s involvement continues throughout the duration of the project and provides valuable input in controlling costs and ensuring that you receive the biggest bang for your buck.

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